Purple Goose Photography | Q & A

Is there a price list?

A price list will be provided to you only with a consultation. 

1.    How does the session fee work?

Session fees are like sitting fees. You pay a flat fee based on the type of session you choose. The session fee covers time, skill and equipment use only. You will need to make an additional purchase for prints or other photo media options

2.    Are the deposit fees refundable?

Deposits are non-refundable. 

3.    What is the late policy?

A 15 minute late clause is applied to all sessions for the client and the photographer. After 15 minutes the session will be declared a no-show and re-scheduling will be needed. 

4.   Is rescheduling available?  

Sessions are allowed to be rescheduled once and must be done within 90 days of the original session date. 

5.  How many images or poses will be taken?

The amount of images or poses depends upon the client. A typical photo session will have 10-30 images,where events may have several hundred. 

6.  Are packages available? 

No, packages are not offered. Each photo item is purchased seperately. Special promotions or events may include package items at different times throughout the year.

7.   Is there a contract?

Contracts are signed for all events. Small contractual agreements and photography consents are done for all portrait sessions. 

8.  When will the proof images be ready?

There are times of year that are busier than others. Generally a sneak peek image is sent to you 24-36 hours after your session. Portrait sessions take 2-3 weeks to post and events may take up to 6 weeks.  Rush service is available but must be indicated upon booking and is subject to additional fees.

3. Will the proof images be edited?

Initial editing is done to the proof gallery to elimate images containing blurriness, closed eyes, or just a bad image. These images are deleted immediately upon initial processing. The second editing process is for color correction and sharpness. Additional editing and re-touching is not done unless images are purchased.

4. How are images purchased?

One the gallery is viewed. You have the choice to click "buy" and select a category. Prints, digital downloads, and a host of other items are available. All images are sent through a final editing process before they are "approved" for purchase.

5. How are favorites sent to the photographer?

At times you may be asked to send your favorites back to the photographer.  

6. Is there a disc or flash drive available?

Yes, DVD's and flash drives are available. The fees depend on the type of session or event, along with the number of images. DVD's  and flash drives are processed directly by the photographer and cannot be purchased through the online gallery. 

How long are the images kept?

Images may be kept up to 1 year but only guaranteed up to 90 days. Non-purchased images are deleted after 90 days. 


7. Are travel services available?

Yes, travel is available outside of Columbia, SC and available nationwide as well as "destination events". Travel fees vary.