Purple Goose Photography | Getting the Most out of Your Portrait Session

What does it cost?

Portrait sessions begin at $150 and range in price depending on the type of session and the amount of people in the session. 

What is included with the session fee?

The session fee generally covers the photographer's time, knowledge, skill, and equipment use. However, each session does come with a set number of digital images and prints that are selected from an online gallery. 

How Long Does it Take to Receive the Images?

With the exception of weddings, your proof gallery is generally ready within 2 weeks after the session. 

What Location?

Location is key to the mood of your images. Choosing outdoor locations are endless. The major factors to consider are weather and time. A plan B must be in place for inclement weather. The plan B may be a contingent date, umbrellas, blankets or an alternative location. Time is the other key factor. Working outdoors requires natural light. The best times of day for shooting are early mornings around eight or one hour before the sun sets. Working in midday sunlight is extremely discouraged. 

Shooting indoors eliminates weather being an issue. An indoor location can be the setting of your home, office, or an actual photography studio. Professional lighting and backdrops are brought to the location to create the desired effect of your session. Choosing public buildings may require additional fees or permits so it always best to check before choosing your location. 

Is A Studio Session Available?

Studio space can be rented if desired and will add an addition $75-$150 to your session depending on the amount of time needed. A studio look can be achieved with the proper equipment and backdrops set up in the comfort of your own home or backyard. 

What Should Your Attire Be?

Your outfit selection has the ability to make or break your session.  You want to choose an outfit suitable for your location or theme of your shoot. For a picnic themed outdoor session a lady would not wear stillettos due to them sinking in the grass.  You wouldn't wear cargo pants to a formal themed session. You want to avoid wearing white, or very light colored clothing as they don't photograph as well. Avoid stripes and patterns, instead choose solid colored clothing. For group or couple sessions, you want to have your colors coordinate versus matching one another.

If in doubt, you can always get a personal stylist to help you. Personal stylists are available at department mall stores or can be found online.  

Where Do You Get Maternity Dresses for the Session?

We offer a selection of dresses for our clients to use during their shoot. We also rent our dresses to other photographers to help give clients the best photo experience possible.

Do You Need Props?

Props personalize photo sessions. Props can range from balloons and bubbles to scrabble pieces and footballs. Many can be purchased online but most are found in your home or community. You want props to make your session different as well as tell something about your personality. 

Are Pets Allowed? 

Your pet is welcomed during the session only if is well trained and its shots are updated. You must be aware that some locations do not allow animals. If your pet is brought to your session, someone additional must accompany you to care for it when it is not being photographed. Animals labeled dangerous or poisonous are not allowed.