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About the Artist

Coupled with passion, and purpose, I take a lot of pride in my photography but even more in my life.  I am a native of South Carolina, a wife to a loving husband of almost 20 years, and a mother to 3 great children. My first career of choice was nursing, specializing in hospice and oncology. My husband serves in the military and during a stay in Germany I was mesmerized by the beautiful and elegant boudoir images of women posted outside studio windows. It was then that I decided to try my hand at making my own images for my husband. Being a military wife, I quickly learned that many women also found great interest in providing their husbands with such images. From that point on, I have sought ought as much information as I could pertaining to photography. I have come to love much more than just boudoir.  I read books daily and enroll myself in classes monthly, but most importantly I shoot something almost everyday. Nursing has taught me to see everyday as a gift, a new experience, another opportunity to capture something beautiful.  I feel that God has blessed me with two great gifts. I am able to provide knowledge, compassion and comfort to the sick allowing them to keep their joy, while at the same time my eyes can see joy in the world and turn it into art.  My images have been published in magazines and online articles from businesses such as "Black Southern Belle" and "Huffington Post".

I truly love what I do! I invite you to explore my work, and book your appointment.