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This page is designed to give information regarding my wedding photography services when securing me for your wedding needs. Much consideration needs to happen when hiring a photographer. I like to work alone, but often times work with other talented photographers to give clients the best images possible.

use professional equipment to get the images I desire for you.  I prefer Canon cameras and lenses. I also utilize several different software programs during the post-processing of your images. 

Cost is always a major factor with photography. Your budget may not always match up with the equipment use, techniques, talent, and endless amounts of hours required preparing and editing your images. Don't worry if you are not located in the Columbia area. I love to travel and destination weddings are fabulous! I provide services from very small and intimate ceremonies to the extremely luxurious and grandiose. Some exceptions may apply depending on the size of your wedding party and length of time services will be needed. 

Please note, I am providing you with my perspective based on my experience, along with a touch of humor. 

You Said "Yes"!

How you announce your engagement is totally up to you. Engagement sessions are something different and fun.  It doesn't matter if you said "Yes" yesterday or saying "I Do", next week. You are engaged once you agree to spending the rest of your life with your special someone, up until you sign the marriage license. 

Engagement Photo Sessions give you a chance to have your unbridled (no pun intended) love captured. Your images will be the beginning to your love story. The googly eyes, hand holding, and cute flirting can look just as good as it feels to you. I suggest splitting the session into two. This will allow you and your fiance' to have different themes and give you a break as well.  The ideal engagement session day will have us starting with a morning session in the park.


We would adjorn for lunch allowing you time to relax and re-group. The second session would be late afternoon into evening. I suggest couples get a room for the night making so they can continue to hang out an enjoy their date. 

Once your session is complete, a gallery of images will be provided for you to choose your favorite. You will be able to order prints, canvases, a reception guest book or SaveTheDates to send out to your friends and family.


SaveTheDates are customized photo announcements. They should be sent out at least 6 months prior to the wedding giving your guests plenty of time to prepare. 










No matter what theme you decide on or where we shoot your session, there is one thing I am certain of. We will have a great time learning one another's personalities and lots of great images! 


The Venue

One of the first decisions you will need to make is in determining where the wedding will take place. You have multiple choices to choose from including churches, hotels, beaches, parks, and venues specifically designed for events. As your photographer, the main concerns are lighting, size and in some cases temperature. 

Make sure you visit the venue at the same time as your ceremony will be and if possilbe during the same season. This will allow you to get the full effect of the wedding day. When there, imagine your wedding party and guests filling the area. Ask yourself is the area too small for my wedding party, or is it too big. Bigger is always better. If you don't believe me, I'll invite you to my next small country wedding on a beautiful summer day in South Carolina in a church equipped for 200, but accommodating 400 wedding guests! 

Have you ever attended an outside wedding during the summer between 1-4pm? Some ideas are not the best when it comes to comfortability. In choosing an outside venue, take into account the time of day, the temperature, and the lighting. It would be a shame to have a beautiful ceremony but unable to actually view it or have a good time when being blinded by sunlight, and drenched in sweat. One of the most important questions to ask for an outside wedding is, "What's the plan, in case of rain?" Please, please, have a plan. I'm not a fan of using my equipment in the rain. 





Think about the lighting in the venue. If it's very dark, can the lights be turned up? Is flash photography even allowed. Light changes the way your images look.




You should also know if you are getting married in a church, it doesn't have to be the church you grew up in. Many churches rent out the sanctuaries for weddings. Call around for prices and make sure you get the rules for using their facilities.  


Where's The Party Going to Be?

No matter how long the day has been, everyone comes alive at the reception. It's a time for your guests to truly celebrate with you.

Here, in Columbia, there are several beautiful places to have a reception. Again, from a photographer's view, it's important to think about size, lighting, and in this case the surroundings. 




Reception images will entail all of the venue's surroundings. Some places may have walls that need updating or colors that clash with your wedding colors. Editing will not remove walls, at least my editing doesnt. It is very time consuming and costly. 




When reviewing your wedding day timeline, I will make a timeframe to gather details of the reception before your guests arrive. Once the party  starts you will not have time to breathe in everything you have planned for.



One idea some couples use, is to have a private reception preview and private dance. This will give you time away from the hugs and kisses, time to slow down and re-charge, and also a great time for me to get your newlywed images! 


















The Wedding Day

Your wedding day photo services begin when the preparations start and end when the reception is over. So many different things are going on at the exact same time. Moments are captured as everyone is scurrying around getting ready. The ladies are primping their hair and makeup, the guys are lounged around making jokes or figuring out how all the extra buttons fit on their tux. 

Each wedding vendor is on task. Caterers and decorators are busy with final preparations making sure the flat ware is straight and all the wrinkles are out. The stationary is being placed correctly. The flowers are being perked up with water. The DJ is unraveling cords and getting his playlist together. Uplighting is strategically being marked out.

Side note: I pride myself on being very professional and calm. It doesn't matter if the wedding cake just hit the floor and the bride doesn't know yet. I'm going to photograph her having the demeanor of "everything is going perfectly and as planned".  Yes, you may find me on top of a table or rolling on the floor, but I do it in a calm way in order to get the image I want. 


Everyone is involved in doing something to make this day the best it can be for the bride and groom.  When it's all said and done, the couple can have the stories told to them about how things happened throughout the day, OR they can have the photographs! I, personally, want them to see it. 

Formal posed photos are great. You need a photo of you and your grandparents in the album, your parents and so forth. I work from a shot list to make things go as quick as possible. Usually moms and dads come up with their own shots at the last minute prolonging the time. It's pretty important to include them in the pre-talks of who should be in the photos.

As I said, formal photos are extremely important to have. But what about your uncle who was having so much fun at the reception break dancing. Or the flower girl who fell asleep under the cake table. A great photographer knows how to seek moments, and then wait for them to happen. 


I shoot to tell stories. Stories full of life and adventure. Most fall asleep with boring same old everyday tales. Yes, we know Jack & Jill went up the hill.....But what if a photographer was with them. Maybe we could see the details of what really made Jack fall down. Or catch Jill tumbling..LOL.  Okay, seriously though, details matter....candid moments matter....



I hope this exerpt, has helped you along your wedding photographic journey. I thank everyone who has made it possible for me to come into their life. Although for a brief moment my goal is to leave you with timeless works of art. Please visit this page often to see new photographs and get updated information. 

To get more information please request a face to face consultation. We can even Skype if I'm having a good hair day!